Tata Motors to develop medium sized buses in Indonesia

To be used as feeders to Transjakarta busway and as regular buses, a series of medium sized buses are being developed by Tata Motors for Kopaja. This has been confirmed by Biswadev Sengupta, President Director of PT Tata Motors Distribusi Indonesia, the sole agents of Tata Motors in Indonesia.

Tata Motors to develop medium sized buses in Indonesia

Tata Motors Concept bus for Indonesia. (Foto: handikabl)

Medium sized buses for Kopaja by Tata Motors will be in two categories – economy class and air conditioned buses. Both these types should be out for use by the public in the next three to four months and will be 25 seaters buses.

Kopaja which stands for Koperasi Angkutan Jakarta (Jakarta Transportation Cooperative) will be using these buses. The engines and chassis will be supplied by the Indian company while the entire body of the bus will be manufactured by a carrosserie maker. These buses should be ready in the months ahead for use as both feeder and regular buses.

Besides supplying these medium sized buses to Kopaja, Tata Motors, though their local dealers, are also in talks to supply larger sized buses to TransJakarta. Talks are underway and thanks to Tata Motors long standing experience in production of cars and buses in India are also ready to supply environmentally friendly buses running on Compressed Natural Gas for use in Indonesia.

via beritaempat