Tata Nano Strawberry Festival car revisit

Mapro Strawberry Festival held annually at Mapro Garden in March/April (during the Easter weekend) is a great platform to use surplus strawberry production, and an opportune moment to showcase what can be the only cars in India wearing a strawberry wrap.

Strawberry festival vehicles (8)

The 4-day festival promotes strawberries in every possible way, encourages consumption and boosts tourism in Mahableshwar and Panchgani. All India Strawberry Growers Association (AISGA) supports mapro’s Strawberry Festival to promote cultivation in India.

A fairly recent development, the festival has grown over the years. The event gives tourists a chance to experience Mapro’s product range, and state-of-the-art tech. Apart from usual strawberry preparations, one is treated to special strawberry pizza, strawberry bhel, chocolate dipped strawberries and strawberry sandwiches among others.

Guests can opt for strawberry farms visits, Mapro Food Park visits, and be part of cultural and entertainment activities. Farmers from nearby villages participate in the Strawberry Festival and can enjoy traditional folk performances like Shivkalin Dhol, and Lezim for which dancers are invited from Pratapgarh. While the strawberry season has started, the festival is month’s away but that doesn’t make the festival cars any less attractive. While there’s a bigger jeep and van, the little Tata Nano is one that makes for photo-ops all year around.

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