Centre sanctions 10 crores to fix identifiable accident spots

Funds allocated will be used to map Delhi for road accident investigation and determine black spots linked to road related issues, and suggesting road engineering measures to plug shortcomings and reduce fatal road accidents. Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways made the announcement at ‘Status of Road Safety and Safe Mobility Initiative in India‘ seminar.

Delhi traffic police

CRRI will identify regular accident spots and identify Road Infrastructure Deficiencies causing repeated accidents at the same spot, and recommend appropriate improvement measures to prevent such mishaps. Many spots or road sections with similar features report high frequency of accidents, which could suggest that particular road environment is a catalyst for inappropriate driver responses, leading to accidents. Road engineers have a tough job cut out. High incident of accidents with similar characteristics could be approached to apply appropriate traffic engineering updates to increase road safety.

Gadkari adds that funds will be offered to various states to identify black spots and rectify engineering shortcomings. Road Ministry will provide 50 per cent of the cost for road engineering measures. A road safety website was launched, and Road Safety Awards to state organizations: AP State Road Transport Corporation, Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation, State Transport, Haryana, Odisha State Road Transport Corporation, Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation and Nagaland State Transport.