2014 MINI Hardtop max power 134 bhp, and 189 bhp for MINI Cooper S

2014_MINI (15)
In length, new MINI is 4.5 inches longer. On the inside, luggage compartment volume has grown by 3 cubic feet to a total of 8.7 cubic feet. A newly designed instrument cluster on the steering column displays road speed and engine speed alongside other driving-related info.

With an optional color display of up to 8.8 inches, your drive is interactive with feedback on operations via MINI Controller, as well as visual feedback on driving condition and other functions activated by the driver.


New MINI Driving Modes allow an individual set-up involving not just the characteristic curve of the accelerator and steering but also engine acoustics, and in the MINI Cooper S – provided the relevant features are present – ambient lighting, the shift times of the automatic transmission and the characteristics of Dynamic Damper Control, the latter system being optionally available for the first time. The modes SPORT and GREEN can be activated in addition to the standard MID mode. In conjunction with an automatic transmission, the efficiency-oriented GREEN mode also features a coasting function with decoupled drivetrain.

Optional driver assistance systems is expanded. An extendible Head-Up Display above the steering column is available for the new MINI. There’s also a driving assistant system including camera-based active cruise control, collision and pedestrian warning, high beam assistant and speed limit information, and also a parking assistant and a rear view camera.