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After Maruti, suspension of 2 Honda employees leads to tension at Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Manesar plant

A day after Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India suspended two employees over an overtime and leave issue, tension prevailed in the company. Though a meeting was called for between employees and management, it failed to yield any results as top management officials of the company did not attend at the appointed time.

The meeting continued at the city labor department office wherein HMSI employees union office bearers and representatives of the company industrial relations department attended. Though top managers were absent, the company managers stated that they would appraise the top brass about the union’s demands. Decisions are awaited and the two aggrieved parties are expected to meet again on Thursday to sort out the issue.

Management is yet to take any concrete decision on reinstating the suspended workers while workers unions are demanding their instant return to duty. The union is not resorting to strikes or calling production to a halt as on date but have threatened the management that failing to comply with their demands may cause them to change their minds. In the meanwhile production activities at HMSI continued at normal pace. The company is capable of production of 16,00,000 two wheelers. Tension continued through the past two days while police have been called in to keep situation under control.

Keeping in mind archaic Indian labour laws and the difficulty in negotiations between auto manufacturers and workers has continually allowed plant labour unions to create manufacturing difficulties. The worst such example is the fate of Maruti at Manesar. Maruti which contributes significantly to Suzuki profits has seen a drastic drop in share prices. The current lockout which is now in it’s 3rd week has seen car production come to a halt for the Indian automakers DZire, SX4, A-Star, and SWift variants adding to waiting period of booked veficles, and current bookings. Supplies in the Manesar belt too have suffered huge financial losses. Currently, the question thta remains is even if production begins in phases, where will Maruti acquire skilled labour from.

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