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Watch motorcycle crash test video with rider wearing airbag jacket

Alpinestars Tech-Air crash test
Alpinestars Tech-Air Street Airbag System - crash test in Milan

Alpinestars Tech-Air Street Airbag System designed for rider safety during road riding and off-road adventure touring was unveiled at 2014 EICMA. The vest is crash tested, video is attached herewith.

Tech-Air by Alpinestars is an electronic airbag vest that warrants protection to riders’ shoulders, neck, chest, upper abdomen, kidney areas and back (spine), in case of a crash. This system, unlike older airbag suits, does not require for the rider to tether it to the motorcycle, and adjust any settings. It has electronic sensors that will set the airbag off if it detects hard deceleration, impact or other related factors.

The street airbag system that can be used for any kind of motorcycle or scooter, as it is an independent system. It is completely self-contained and it can be used with Alpinestars airbag-compatible riding jacket (textile outer jacket), such as Valparaiso Tech-Air or the Viper Tech-Air. Former is suitable for all-weather conditions and latter for warm weather scenes (spring/summer). Alpinestars has not revealed any information regarding Tech-Air’s compatibility with third party jackets.

Speaking of weather, Alpinestars Tech-Air is certified function in all kind of weather conditions, under ambient temperature between -10 degrees C and +50 degrees C, including rain. Hence, the airbag vest is versatile, suitable for road riding as well as off road adventure touring.

Alpinestars Tech-Air crash test

Alpinestars Tech-Air Street Airbag System – crash test in Milan

The only hassle (not that it is a setback) with Alpinestars Tech-Air is that electronics deplete the battery in 25 hours and it takes 6 hours for charge to be replenished (using a Micro USB charger). Battery life is indeed impressive, just that riders need to remember to plug it when low.


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