Audi Mexico plant coming up at San Jose Chiapa with special emphasis on growth in America


It was earlier this year that Audi confirmed their new North American plant coming up in Mexico’s San Jose Chiapa. The location is ideally suited due to existing Volkswagen facilities and suppliers while central location, good logistics and owing to its proximity to reputed schools, universities and technical colleges.

The plant will be instrumental in bringing out the next generation Audi Q5 compact crossover from early 2016 with planned output of 150,000 units per annum. All vehicles produced at this Mexico plant will be sold in North American markets though global exports were also to be effected through this new plant. A plant in Mexico will enable Audi to achieve some important development goals while it will also enable cost competitive structures and diverse free trade agreements with North and South American markets and Europe.

Mexican governments and administration are presently going all out to meet necessary requirements of Audi so as to ensure timely and effective commencement of the new plant which will sit on a 400 hectare area. Authorities are also upgrading infrastructure, investing in road and rail networks and creating new superhighways while a new training centre is stated to be among the first of facilities to be completed so that training of Audi employees can commence.


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