This Audi R8 photoshoot was done using a toy car – Believe it or not!

The Audi R8 supercar has been photographed in action by ace photographer Felix Hernandez standing amidst what appears to be a pristine sandy beach, rugged rocks and white snowy clouds.

However, there is more to this advertisement campaign for the $180,000 supercar as it is seen being hit by waves. Hernandez has used a different technique altogether capturing a still image of the car and varied camera work and showcased a scaled model of the R8 to such perfection that it would only take a trained eye to tell it apart.


The Mexican photographer is noted for his use of scaled models, be it of cars or other objects, making them look like the real thing. He has done the same with the Audi R8, taking a scaled model and some flour while his camera and lights have done the rest. He has substituted flour for sand, photo shopped the image for the final result that looks perfectly authentic in its setting.

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The Audi shoot is not Hernandez’ first as his website Hernandes Dreamphography showcases a series of such shoots he has been credited with, each of which spell uniqueness and speak of the photographer’s adeptness in creating lifelike images out of scaled models.