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Audi’s Region South supports FC Bayern in 2012 Beko Basketball Bundesliga (Beko Federal Basketball League) season

FC Bayern will get off to the second season in Beko Basketball Bundeliga where they will play against top European team Panathinaikos Athens. To be held at Audi Dome on September 29th, Audi will be supporting the team in Germany’s highest level league in the new season. Panathinaikos Athens is a team to be approached with caution. They have 32 national titles to their credit and is one of the most successful clubs in Greece.

They have recently won the Euro League six times with the last one just last year. Audi in partnership with Bayern Basketball club continues on field and off field as well. Audi will be presenting new Audi models to players and coaching team on September 24, 2012. Besides getting these vehicles at a special function being held at Audi Forum Ingolstadt, the team will be given a tour of the Audi plant.

August 25th will be the date when the new Audi A3 will be launched. This vehicle will make its appearance at all home rounds held at the Audi Dome. In celebration, an A3 adorned with FC Bayern basketball graphics is to be showcased at the Mahag Audi Center in Munich. The Audi A3 is launched it will give vehicles like BMW 1 Series, Volvo V40 and Mercedes Benz A Class a run for their money.

Read the news release below for more information.

News Release

Setting sights on season opener: Audi and FC Bayern Basketball
Top-class for the second year: the basketball team of FC Bayern
Audi presents preparation match against Panathinaikos Athens top team
Vehicle handover at Audi Forum Ingolstadt on September 24

The basketball players of FC Bayern are beginning their final spurt in preparation for their second season in the Beko Basketball Bundesliga (Beko Federal Basketball League) with a preparation match against the European top-caliber team of Panathinaikos Athens at the Audi Dome on September 29. The brand with the four rings is not only presenting this match but is again supporting the Munich basketball team in Germany’s highest-level league through Audi’s Region South in the new season.

Fans of the FC Bayern Munich basketball club will be in for a special treat on September 29 when a European top-caliber team – Panathinaikos Athens – visits the Audi Dome. The match will be presented by Audi. With 32 national titles to its credit, Panathinaikos is Greece’s most successful club, having won the Euro League six times to date, most recently in 2011. In Sofoklis Schortsanitis, nicknamed “Baby Shaq,” the club has signed one of Europe’s most impressive players. Right in time for the season opener at the Bavarians’ home round vs. EWE Baskets Oldenburg on September 3 the team can thus get into practice again at the highest level.

The partnership between Audi and the Bayern basketball club continues to be invigorated off the playing field as well. On September 24, the players and the coaching team will receive their new Audi models during the official vehicle handover at the Audi Forum Ingolstadt. On this occasion, the “red giants” will also be treated to a plant tour to get an idea of how the premium brand’s vehicles are assembled. At that time, a very special Audi will just have experienced its world debut. On August 25, on the occasion of the market launch of the new Audi A3, an A3 sporting FC Bayern basketball graphics will be presented at the Mahag Audi Center in Munich. This promotion car will then be showcased at all home rounds held at the Audi Dome.

And the fans of FC Bayern’s basketball club have the opportunity to be featured at the Audi Dome for the new season too: as part of the “Become a fan of FC Bayern basketball and immortalize yourself at the Audi Dome” campaign. Starting with the friendly match against Panathinaikos Athens, supporters can officially register at the Audi Dome and will receive a gift from Audi and FC Bayern. The names of all registered fans will then be entered for posterity on the columns in the entrance area of the Audi Dome. Thomas Günther, Head of Sales for Audi Region South is looking forward to another season of good and thrilling games. “Despite a few starting difficulties last season the premiere year in the Beko Basketball Bundesliga was a resounding success and the enthusiasm of the fans at the Audi Dome outright sensational. Now the aim must be to continue exactly where the team left off and to again play an important role in the sport. At Audi, we look forward to the new season with FC Bayern’s basketball club.”


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