Automotive sites are extremely influential as a deciding factor for car buyers in India

Accenture asked 10,000 people in Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, and the US about their preference to using digital technology before, during and after buying a car. Below is an account of their survey pertaining to car buyers in India.

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With more and more car buyers conducting research online in arriving at a decision to purchase a car, the Accenture survey called ‘What Digital Driver Wants’ concluded that the average buyer conducts most of the research online and is well versed with his preference of a car even prior to visiting a dealership.

The respondents stated that if given an opportunity they would consider completing the entire process online right from decisions as to which car to purchase to price negotiation, financing, all necessary paper work right upto delivery of the new vehicle to their residences. 69% of those surveyed also stated that they have already or would consider making online car purchases while 63% stated that they would even consider purchasing a new car through online auction.

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Speaking exclusively of those surveyed in India, 84% stated that would consider the entire process online while 53% said that their preferences were influenced by automotive sites and online publications or car magazines.

Full survey below:

You can also read the survey here.