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Best car ads of all time: Honda Accord on top of the list of 20 (Videos)

As tiny drops make a mighty ocean, in the same way it was tiny parts of a car that went on to form the mighty Honda Accord. Auto Express has named the list of 20 popular commercial and it was Honda commercial for its new European Accord titled ‘The Cog’ which was declared a winner. This two minute commercial found favor the best selling auto magazine Auto Express.

The 2003 advertisement for Honda Accord took 31% of the votes in polls while Ford ad for Puma featuring Steve McQueen was in second place followed by Peugeot 206 advertisement named ‘The Sculptor’ was third. Readers had to nominate their favorite car advertisement from a total of 20 most memorable advertisements which were shortlisted by Auto Express.

‘The Cog’ advertisement campaign has been developed by Wieden+Kennedy and shows a cog rolling along a wooden plank to a larger cog which sets of a chain reaction showing the varied number of parts that go on to make up the final mighty Honda Accord at the end.

Honda commercial uses no computer graphics and /or digital tricks. Everything that you see actually happened in real time as you see it. The film was shot in 606 takes and the crew spent weeks shooting to get the ultimate perfect result.

You can watch all the top 20 ads below.


1 Honda – The Cog

2 Ford Puma Advert with Steve Mcqueen

3 Peugeot 206 advert: The Sculptor

4 Citroen C4: Transformers

5 Volkswagen Golf GTI: Changes

6 The Force: Volkswagen Commercial

7 Skoda Fabia Advert – Original Cake Car

8 Renault Clio: Nicole and Papa

9 Fiat Strada: Hand built by robots

10 Volkswagen Golf GTI: Singing in the rain

11 Toyota GT 86: The real deal

12 Peugeot 405: Take my breath away

13 Vauxhall Meriva and Zafira: Little dads

14 Land Rover: Discovery 4 ad

15 Audi A4: Not my style

16 Volkswagen Golf: Best left alone

17 Vauxhall Astra: Babies

18 Skoda Fabia: Factory tour

19 Nissan Almera: Sweeney

20 Toyota Corolla: A car to be proud of


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