Biker girl riding BMW S1000RR dies in a high speed crash while shooting Instagram video

Instagram user monika9422 was killed in a crash while she was shooting a video for her Instagram followers.

Known for her unconventional photo-shoots and riding style, Instagram user monika9422 died in a tragic bike accident a few hours ago. The accident took place when she was riding her BMW S1000RR superbike on the Sedanka – Patroclus highway in Vladivostok, Russia.

As per the people on the scene, Monika was riding the bike at a high speed. At the same time, she was trying to shoot a video of her riding. While taking a high speed turn, an obstacle came in front of her. She did apply brakes, which can be seen from the tyre marks, but it was not enough to avoid collision.

The collision resulted in Monika being flung off the bike, and hitting the fence hard. Apart from helmet, she was not wearing any other safety gear. This resulted in many injuries on her body, and as a result led to her death.

Monika was often criticized for riding her bike in skimpy clothes, forget riding with safety gear. To her critics, she always had the same answer – “I’m a big girl and I know what I’m doing. Don’t try to change me..”

Below video contains footage from her Instagram posts.