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BMW 3 Series F30 long wheelbase in three versions showcased in Beijing (Photos & Video)

BMW has formally showcased their 3 Series F30 with long wheelbase at the Beijing Motor Show 2012. These will be offered in three versions 320 Li, 328 Li and 335 Li while engines will be the same as what is seen in F30, F20, 328 and 335.

BMW, the German automobile makers, have always brought out vehicles that endear themselves to their customers and the BMW 3 Series is another such instance when the company is trying to attract the Chinese luxury car seeker. The Chinese auto markets are emerging as one of the major auto markets in the world and auto companies are fighting tooth and nail to ensure their presence in the country in an endeavor to get to the top of the Chinese auto market rating.

320 Li will have 184 bhp while the 328 Li will have 245 bhp and 335 Li will have 306 bhp all mated to an eight speed automatic transmission. BMW 3 Series will ride on a 2920 mm wheelbase (extra 11 mm) while vehicle length has been increased to 4734 mm.

Speech of Dr. Ian Robertson, Sales & Marketing, Head, BMW Group at the Beijing Auto Show

I’m so happy to be back in Beijing.  And I’m thrilled to present to you, for its world premiere, the new BMW 3 Series Sedan in the long wheelbase version!

At the BMW Group, we are driven to delight all of our customers.  And, of course, we do this by understanding their needs and desires in every market we serve.  The BMW 3 Series long wheelbase is a perfect example.  It shows our focus on the Chinese customer, as well as our commitment to the Chinese market.

The 3 Series Li offers the perfect marriage of:

sporty performance,
elegant design, and
cutting-edge technology.

Customers here in China can choose from one of three available models, the:

BMW 320Li,
BMW 328Li, and the
BMW 335Li.

All three of these cars come with our latest TwinPower Turbo Technology, ensuring maximum power.  And when it comes to sporty performance, the six-cylinder 335Li is ready to run with over 300 horsepower.

Tailored to the wishes of our customers, this car’s performance has been expertly balanced with its elegant design.  The luxurious interior makes use of high quality materials put together with precision craftsmanship.

And with an extra 11 centimetres added to its wheelbase, the BMW 3 Series Li offers the most comfortable rear seats in its segment.  Its focus on aesthetics continues beyond the interior.

The exterior design language is striking: sporty and self-confident with a real presence.  For those customers who desire an extra touch of individualization, this car will also be offered in the Sport, Luxury, and Modern Lines.

Both the BMW 3 Series Sedan in the long wheelbase version and the new BMW 3 Series Sedan will be available in China before the end of the year.  Also coming soon are three very important vehicles for China.  Celebrating their Asian premieres here in Beijing:

The BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe,
The new BMW X6, and
The BMW M6 Coupe.

We expect these models to be very successful in China with their incredible combination of stunning performance and design.  Continuing to focus on our customers’ needs and desires has led to exceptional growth for the BMW Group in China.  In fact, this is our best start to the year ever.

In the first quarter, we sold over 80,000 BMW Group vehicles here in China – a 37% increase over the same period last year. We are confident our strong growth will continue as new models like the BMW 3 Series long wheelbase become available.

China’s sales performance plays a significant role in the BMW Group’s balanced, worldwide success.  2012 also marks the best start ever for the BMW Group globally.

We sold over 425,000 vehicles to customers right around the world in the first quarter.  And we intend to continue this growth as we aim to once again claim the title of number one premium car company in the world.

Now, everyone here knows the BMW Group is always looking ahead.  This means planning for tomorrow’s success, today.  We’re optimistic about the future growth for the BMW Group in China and we’re continuing to increase our commitment here.


BMW Group at the Auto China Beijing 2012


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