Bollywood Celebrities and their ultra luxurious 5 Star Vanity Vans

Leading Bollywood stars travel in style and their vanity van is their home away from home as they move to different outstation shoot locations. Here are 10 stars and their home on wheels.

1. Shah Rukh Khan

Baadshah of Bollywood’s Van is futuristic and functional. Khan purchased this new vanity van while shooting for Dilwale in Iceland.

It cost INR 4 crores and has been designed by car designer Dilip Chhabria taking the designer about 60 days to complete the van according to the preferences of King Khan.

A unique feature about Shah Rukh Khan’s vanity van is that it is the first in India concept to sport a hydraulic system that pushes out the living space to double the floor space when the van is parked.

It is seen with a home theater system, full gaming station and two 52” screens. iPad controlled function include curtains and illuminations.

There is a glass on the floor of the van that is backlit and illuminated. Wood panels line the walls and there is a pantry, wardrobe section, makeup chair and separate toilet cubicle and a built-in shower.

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