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Ford tells which part of your car carries the most bacteria


Open your car door and enter, and you could literally be opening a can of worms. Engineers at the Ford Research and Innovation centre have divulged areas in your car wherein you could be harboring bacteria and microbes and a host of other germs and grime. Samples were taken from 10 locations inside employee’s cars which included steering wheels, radio buttons, shift knobs and window switches. The two most common spots seem to be steering wheel and round car cup holders due to spilled drinks, grubby hands and food spills.

This study was not conducted just to draw attention to careless car owners or to instill cleaner driving habits but to develop a special paint that can discourage growth of such microbes and bacteria. Ford is working on a special Agion coating which is antimicrobial silver ion compound.

It is being proved that Agion is effective in fighting such bacteria and due to its pleasant odour will go a long way in not only fighting disease and germ build up but will also keep interiors of the car fresh and clean. For more information, scroll down.


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Sagar Patel

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