Car flips when girlfriend pulls handbreak, as she did not like boyfriend racing with bikers (Video)

There have been some crazy stories we have posted over the years how girlfriends / wives have destroyed cars of their partners. Surprisingly, we have not come across a case where men have destroyed cars of their female partners.

Anyways, the reason for women folk doing such things varies. Sometimes it is because their male partner cheated on them, or did not gift them what they deserved, forgot their birthday and so on.

In all such cases, women have destroyed their partner’s car when he is not around. Never has been a case where girlfriend has destroyed boyfriend’s car in front of him. Until now.

A couple was driving along a Mexican highway, when some bikers, who were minding their own business, crossed the couple’s car. Probably, at this instance, the boyfriend, who was behind the wheel, got a bit excited and decided to get into a race with the bikers. The girlfriend did not approve, and protested. But the boyfriend was in no mood to listen, it seems. Angered by his behaviour, girlfriend decides to do the unthinkable. She pulls the handbrake.

This resulted in the car fishtailing, losing control and heading into the divider before flipping and coming to a stop. It is not clear whether the boyfriend and girlfriend suffered any injuries due to this. But one thing is for sure. The boyfriend learnt a lesson.

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