Car service station owner fires a gun at customer over car wash argument

Following an incident, a car service station owner shot a man dead. The shooting was followed by unidentified persons setting the owners house and two vehicles on fire while 4 persons have been booked along with the owner’s wife.

Shekhar, 47 left his car at the Ghousia Car Service Center in Shanivarsanthe, Somwarpet Taluk in the morning at 9.30 am for car wash. When returned at 11:30 am to the service station, he noticed that his car remained unattended.


This led to an argument between Shekhar and the owner of the service center, Abdul Rabb with the latter being accused of deliberately neglecting his car. Rabb was soon joined by his brothers Akram Pasha and Mansoon Ahmed while all three ganged up together to assault Shekhar. Shekhar called in his friend Syed Pasha and his son Prasad and the entire argument became a full fledged fight.

Rabb’s wife Sajida Banu brought in a gun with which Abdul fired four rounds leaving Shekhar with back and shoulder injuries. Shekhar died on the spot and Abdul Rabb, Mansoor Ahmed, Akram Pasha and Sajida Banu have been arrested. Shekhar is survived by his wife, son and daughter.


Mayhem broke out in the area while Rabb’s house was set on fire along with a few vehicles. Rabb and those arrested have been produced in at the judiciary on Tuesday while details are awaited.