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Cars are always running 24×7 in this Russian village


Oymyakon, a small Russian village, which is the coldest village on Earth inhabited by a population of about 500. The temperatures in winter dip to -71.2°C. Due to this, people here, leave their car running all the time.

Cars are always running 24x7 in this Russian villageIt gets so cold, that mobile phones stop working. In order to dig a grave, it takes three days to thaw the burial ground with coal. The only school in the village, calls it a day, when temperatures go beyond -52°C, reports DailyMail.

How do cars survive in such cold climate? The reason, people here, who own cars or trucks, leave them on 24×7. They never turn their car’s engine off. If they turn it off, then the car wont start again, atleast till winter is gone, and winter stays for upto seven months here. Usually, winter in Oymyakon starts by September, and stays till May. During winters, the sun shines for as less as 3 hours a day. Summers are not the same, Oymyakon temperature easily crosses 30°C and the weather is mostly dry. Oymyakon recorded temperature range of 102.3°C in 2010. During summers, sun shines for upto 21 hours.

Cars are amazing machines. With proper maintenance, they can survive in extreme temperature. Recently, Audi India went off on a Ice Drive Experience in Switzerland, where they drove the cars on temperatures of upto -15°C


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