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CLEVER EMO (Electric Mobility Operator) finds additional investors for EV’s in Denmark


In aspiring to promote use of EV’s in Denmark, 5 leading utility operators have pledged their support to Denmark’s EMO CLEVER. In June 2012, CELVER opened a public nationwide charging network in Scandinavia which is the first of its kind. It has also signed an agreement for installation of 50 Fast Charge Stations.

Through the amalgamation of these five operators, CLEVER will now be able to serve individuals in all corners of the country. These utility service providers are not only looking to implement EV’s transportation facilities for all, but they also want to ensure that these EV’s are provided with facilities which are needed for them to be sued on a daily basis.

With these five energy providers coming together and forecast of new electric vehicle models being inducted into the markets next year, prospects for electric mobility options are set to grow immensely. The EMO hopes to implement a dense and strong charging network which is flexible and easy to operate for any type of electric vehicle one may drive.


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