Dassault Systems inaugurates game-changing campaign for Automotive Manufacturers

Dassault Systemes is one of the largest influencer in the world of Mechanical Design, Analysis and Product Lifecycle Management.

The company has created some of the most comprehensive software packages for 12 industrial verticals including Automobile, Aerospace, Defense, and Energy Processes. Some examples of their 11 major softwares are CATIA, SOLIDWORKS and SIMULIA, which are being used even by engineering students across the globe. The company is also known for their software packages for Business Analytics, Consumer Experience, Social Analytics, Marketing and Material Experience.

The French company inaugurated the first “Manufacturing in the Age of Experience” event in India at their Pune campus last month which is a regional version of their international “Age of Experience” campaign. Dassault previewed their new 3DEXPERIENCE platform which is an elaborate package of solutions that cater to almost every department in a manufacturing organisation, including product development (engineering), manufacturing, marketing, and business management.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform was showcased in a makeshift command centre and was explained in five segments:

1. 3D Lean Experience

3D Lean is a software facility to interactively build a team board, assign tasks, conduct a quick meeting and monitor their work in progress.

2. Future Manufacturing Cockpit

The FMC system provides an ultimate perspective of the entire enterprise with which the executive officers can plan and execute every level of the company’s work-structure, and also monitor the same with an all-new holographic 3D view on all levels. This system enables universal transparency and accountability, on demand.

3. Digital Continuity

The traditional system of transfer of design and data across various departments finally to the shop floor, loses some breadcrumbs along the way which leads to the loss of design intent. Also, any changes made in between are not updated swiftly enough to avoid considerable losses. The Digital Continuity in Dassault’s 3D Experience platform ensures instant and traceable synchronisation of design and data at every node of the hierarchy, thereby enabling a transparent and collaborative environment.

4. 3D Visual Quality Defect Tracking

3DVQDT is a boon for Quality Control engineers as it gives them the ability to document the various kinds of defects in great detail including the physical location of the defect. Then it facilitates them to perform advanced analysis like cluster analysis and Pareto analysis, to isolate the occurrences and plan take corrective actions.

5. 3DExperience Factory

This is a Virtual Reality integrated solution for monitoring the factory floor and plan up expansion. The experience is enhanced With devices such as HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, to create an immersive experience for manufacturing planners and engineers. This tool also helps in simulating an entire factory before an investment is made, right down to the level of shop floor orchestration.

Overall, the 3D Experience suite has a vision to take the manufacturing companies to a whole new kind of future, where traceability and accountability is maintained like never before. Dassault Systemes is yet to formally launch this system, but is already working with pilot partners like Ashok Leyland to beta test the system in a real/functioning environment.

The mission of this platform is to enable:

1. Digital continuity between manufacturing blocks to avoid time consumption
2. Reduce new product introduction lead time
3. Schedule and predict industry’s operations
4. On Time Delivery, On Time in Full
5. Get it right the first time

We interacted with some of the key personnel of Dassault Systemes namely Guillaume Vendroux, CEO, DELMIA, and Samson Khaou, Managing Director, Dassault Systemes India; and we got some more insight into the platform.

The company has enabled various levels of integration layers, to connect with and receive data from every single (compatible) machinery, like a CNC machine, to closely monitor the work in progress and downtime (if any), for a predictive analysis of the day’s output. This platform is like an all-seeing eye in a manufacturing firm, where every flow of information will be recorded and every running machine will be reporting to. Since it is cloud based, there is no physical boundary to this system. It can relay information from a design studio in one country, to the company’s factory in another continent, while keeping tabs on the whole operation.

Another important aspect of this platform is that it supports apps and widgets for the purpose of customisation and adding features. There are three types of add-ons, 1. as part of the package from Dassault, 2. created by the clients for their own use, and 3. third party.

Dassault Systemes projects 10 percent immediate improvement in operations upon implementation of their system in a large enterprise such as Ashok Leyland, and a 5-10 percent improvement year-on-year since.

When asked about implementation time and Return of Investment, the spokesperson said it would take at least a few months, upto a whole year to implement every aspect of their platform, depending on the scale of the organisation.

The company also hinted at this platform being the foundation of the next era of manufacturing, where an Artificial Intelligence system would be guiding the operations.

How is this relevant to India and the Auto Industry you ask, for starters it is touted to boost the performance of the established industries, and enable a quicker planning for upcoming ones. With India emerging as one of the largest Automotive Hubs of the world, and the active promotion of the Make In India mission, Dassault seems to have a way to tie a knot between the two and improve the pace of the same. The company says that this system would be applicable to and affordable by small manufacturing vendors too, which would complement the OEMs.