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David Cameron is proud that JLR cars are made by Tata


British PM, Cameron is on a visit to India. In an interaction with media, he revealed that he is proud of Jaguar Land Rover cars being manufactured by Tata Motors.

david cameron is proud that JLR cars are made by tata - rushlaneBritish Prime Minister, David Cameron is on a three day visit to India during which time he plans on visiting leaders in the auto industry, besides holding talks with top government officials. Cameron stated that he was proud of Tata Motors. The manner in which they have converted the brand a success is commendable.

Tata Motors purchased the car brands Jaguar and Land Rover back in 2008 from Ford. At that time, the brand was registering losses, but today these vehicles are major sellers and attracts the attention of a wide range of luxury buyers across the globe. Cameron, speaking at the company headquarters at Hindustan Unilever stated that the British government will be conducting talks with the Indian government to open up Indian economy for enhanced trade dealing in the future. Cameron also seeks added information on the infamous AgustaWestland INR 3,600 crore helicopter scam. Three of these helicopters have already been delivered and were manufactured in Southwest England.


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