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Dr. Schreiber as Chairman and Chief Executive of Bentley Motors from 1st Septemeber 2012

With effect from 1st September 2012, Dr. Schreiber will be officially in charge of Bentley as he takes over from Mr. Dürheimer, its present Chairman and CEO. This was officially announced by the company. In addition to assuming this responsible office, Dr. Schreiber will also be given the keys to the famed 1930 8 liter saloon which is still driven to this day.

It is this car that stood at the apex of W O Bentley’s engineering prowess and which still has a top speed of 100 mph. Timing of its launch was bad as the company launched the 1930 8 Liter during the Great Depression and hence it was in production for just 9 months before Bentley was purchased by Rolls Royce.

Mr. Dürheimer has been at the helm of Bentley for past two years, during which time he has introduced the updated Continental range and laid the basis for the brands first SUV. He will now move on to be head of R&D at Audi. Schreiber, 54, was earlier with Volkswagen Group since 1984 where he was responsible for development of transmission and drivetrain technology.


Dr Schreiber succeeds Mr Dürheimer, effective 1 September
W.O Bentley’s company car ownership transferred to new leader

Signifying the official transfer of company leadership, Dr Wolfgang Schreiber accepts the keys to one of the company’s most revered cars – W.O. Bentley’s own company car – from the current Chairman and CEO, Mr Wolfgang Dürheimer.

Dr Schreiber joins the Crewe-based luxury car company on 1 September 2012 and, as part of his new leadership position as Chairman and Chief Executive, claims the keys to the 1930 8-litre saloon, still driven to this day. This car represented the pinnacle of founder W.O. Bentley’s engineering career, benchmark and class-leading, with an impressive top speed of over 100 mph and handcrafted luxury.

Dr Wolfgang Schreiber (54), an engineering graduate, joined the Volkswagen Group in 1984. He was made head of transmission and drivetrain development at the Volkswagen brand in 1996. His responsibility during that time included the development of transmission and drivetrain components for the Bentley Continental GT and Arnage. He moved to Bugatti Engineering in 2003 to take up the post of Technical Director and later Managing Director of the supersports car company over the next eight years. Schreiber became the member of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles responsible for development in September 2006 and was additionally made Speaker for the Board of Management in February 2010.

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