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Dreamers Media pays 3 year EMI for Rs 6 lakh car, changes how you buy a new car

Dreamers Media (2)You will however need to come in terms with a rather artsy car because that’s the company’s OOH canvas. By carrying an advertisement on your car’s exterior, Dreamers is looking into general well-being of the market. Advertisers find the proposal ground-breaking because of a dynamic advertisement opportunity, and car owners will find this to be financially viable.

The company while operating in Pune, has a global footprint that not many fledgling entities can boast of. With a footprint in Dubai and Muscat in the Middle-East, Asia Pacific is already being looked into on a larger scale. What started as an idea has been worked upon for about 18 months before going all out. With an employee strength of 300+, Dreamers Media will roll out their innovative car buying scheme in 40 cities during September.

Dreamers Media (3)Having already received more than 5,000 calls since announcing their plans earlier in July, they have no doubt that advertising expenses will be spared in taking their scheme to more and more people. Ensuring that it’s easy to get through the process from approach to purchase, formalities for the most part will be completed online, doing away with traditional approaches of striking a deal. While advertisers will need to ensure they have a deal where advertising involves at least 50 cars, car owners are not faced with any limitation. The car should be at a maximum price of Rs 6 lakh (on-road).

Buyers will have to pay 25% down payment on a 5 year loan and Dreamers Media will then pay first three years EMI on the vehicle, and car owners will have to take care of balance two years payments. Those opting for this innovative scheme will have to ensure that the vehicle travels a distance of 1500 kms per month. The company will cover about 60% of the car exterior with advertisement, which users will have to maintain and ensure that stickers are not tampered with.

Each vehicle will be fitted with a VTS device that will keep a record of total distance covered in a month. Targeting buyers in the middle income group with annual incomes of less than INR 10 lakhs. Dreamers is looking towards multiple creatives for a brand to ensure that car space is interesting. Proposals and negotiations are on with a number of advertisers. It’s heartening to know that Dreamers is also in talks with banks to reach a suitable option to ease the car buying process.

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