Ducati Multistrada photographed next to Royal Enfield Bullet, Honda Navi – And its worth noticing

Sanjeet Bhawsar from Gujarat, is a proud owner of Ducati Multistrada. He also owns a Royal Enfield Bullet and a Honda Navi.

What was once upon a time the quintessential Indian big bike brand is no longer the sole provider of big bikes. In fact, with the introduction of bigger foreign bikes in India, Royal Enfield offerings have in fact begun to look small.

You can see the noticeable difference between the supersized adventure tourers available in India today as compared to the original headturner that’s made adventure a possibility for a large number of bikers across age groups over decades.

Case in point – One Sanjeet Bhawsar from Gujarat who is a proud owner of Ducati Multistrada, Royal Enfield Bullet and a Honda Navi, has shared some interesting images with us. The images show how mighty the Ducati Multistrada is in front of Royal Enfield Bullet, what most consider as the king of motorcycles in India.

It is to be noted here that we are not comparing any of the three bikes with each other. One costs under 50k and is in the 100cc segment, other is just over 1 lakh and is in the 300-500cc segment, and then there is one which costs over INR 15 lakh and is considered as the best go-anywhere world touring motorcycle ever to be made.

Have a look at the image gallery below of Sanjeet’s priced collection.