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Ecocar Optical Camouflage system transparent car by Masahiko Inami from Keio University

Inspiration is probably received from the vehicle James Bond raced in across the icy lake in Die Another Day. Japanese researchers have come up with a transparent vehicle that projects outside world on its interiors wherein the driver gets the feeling that he is driving in a glass car.

These images are combined by computer and are reflected onto the seats to create an illusion that the back of the car is transparent when viewed from the driver’s seat. Masahiko Inami from Keio University in Tokyo has stated that the car was developed at the university and is fitted into a Toyota Prius which could soon go into production. This invention will prove to be particularly helpful to lorry drivers to ensure there is no cyclist or smaller vehicle they need to be vary of at a junction and will help in alleviating a number of accidents which are caused by reversing vehicles and drivers who fail to notice small obstacles in their path when reversing.

Bond film, Die Another Day saw James Bond drive a vehicle that could be made invisible and this is what has prompted researchers to come up with this unique one of a kind model which assists drivers in parking due to the fact that it projects a panoramic view of the area behind the car onto the rear seats. These images may be small children playing, animals loitering or other such obstructions which are invisible below the level of the rear window and would otherwise pose a danger to a reversing or parking vehicle


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