Eicher truck sales decline by 13.2% for July 2012

Even though the current situation in the commercial vehicles sector has spelt worry for many manufacturers, Eicher too has faced some minor problems as it has recorded a sales figure of 3,602 units for July 2012 which is considerably lower than the July 2011 figures by 13.2%.

However, current year to date sales of Eicher have been recorded at 29,661 units as compared to last year-to-date (YTD) sales of 26,564. This rise in sales accounts for a 7.6% growth in overall sales. Commercial vehicle segment related to the 5T and above variants saw a drop in sale which was recorded at 3,492 units which was lower than 3,935 units sold in July 2011. The drop in sale of commercial vehicles accounted for an 11.3% decline in sales.

Soothing frayed nerves, Eicher’s YTD sales for branded trucks and buses have been recorded at 28,177 units as compared to the sales figures of last year which stand at 25,852, representing a 9% growth. Domestic bus segment sales recorded a growth of 3.8% with sale of 929 units in July 2012 as compared to 895 units last July. Apart from this segment, Eicher’s heavy Duty trucks have notched up an impressive 21% growth on YTD basis.

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News Release

Eicher  sales stand at 3602 units for July – Registers YTD growth of 7.6%

The following are the key highlights for  July 2012

·         With the overall slowdown being witnessed in the Commercial vehicles industry, Eicher  branded trucks and buses  have recorded  sales of 3602  units in July 2012  which is  13.2% lower  than July 2011 sales. However, the YTD 2012 sales of Eicher branded trucks and buses stand at 29661 units as compared to LYTD 2011 sales of 27564 units, representing a growth of 7.6%.

·         In the domestic CV Market ( 5T and Above), for the month of July 2012, Eicher branded trucks and buses have recorded sales of 3492 units as compared to 3935 units in July 2011, representing a drop of 11.3%. However, the YTD 2012 sales for Eicher branded trucks and buses stand at 28177 units as compared to YTD 2011 sales of  25852 units, representing a growth of 9%.

·         In the domestic Bus segment, the July 2012 sales stand at  929 units as compared to 895 units in July  2011, representing a 3.8% growth.. The YTD 2012 sales stand at  5755 units as compared to YTD 2011 sales of 4293 units, representing a 34% growth on YTD basis

·         The heavy duty ( HD) Eicher trucks have recorded sales of 562 units in the domestic market as against 601 units in July 2011. The YTD  2012 Eicher HD sales stand at 4759 units as compared to  YTD 2011 sales of 3932 , representing growth of 21% on YTD basis