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Father lets 6 yr old son ride Harley Davidson – Video

Father lets 6 yr old son to ride Harley Davidson

A video of a Harley Davidson Dyna Glide T Sport bike being steered by a 6 year old that has grabbed the attention of online community and given rise to a major debate.

While every father would put his child’s safety above all else, this particular father, Jacob Hughes, took pride in handing over the steering handles of a Harley Davidson to his son aged 6 years. The incident took place in Colorado over a year ago but has gone viral recently after it resurfaced on Reddit.

The minute long sequence of a 6 year old kid dressed in shorts and T-shirt steering the mighty Harley Davidson is actively debated on both Reddit and YouTube. The debate centered on the safety angle and the fact that the father allowed his son to take over the bike while he leaned back and enjoyed the ride while motorcycle enthusiasts regaled the fact that a 6 year old could handle the Harley with such aplomb.

The child wore a helmet and that was his only defence against a host of dangers he could have encountered while manning the Harley Davidson Dyna Glide T Sport, while a video camera mounted in Hughes helmet captures the exact moment when father signals to son, to take over steering.

Though at first the video comes as a shock, the father has been very careful. He gave the controls to his son on an empty straight road. Considering that there is no need to maneuver the bike on this road, and with the father sitting behind at an arm’s distance, it was a pretty safe bet.

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