Ferrari 2012 Q1 – Q3 sales: 5267 cars delivered

Based on statistics, Ferrari recorded revenue of almost 1,764 million euro which is an increase of 10 percent. Vehicle deliveries were registered at 5,267 units. Net profits increased to reach 152.4 million while trading profits saw an increase of 9.6 percent which resulted in a 232.8 million euro growth. Even though it invested a high amount of funds in product development, Ferrari managed to generate a net cash flow of 250 million during the initial nine months of 2012.

The 458 spider, California 30 did well in the market as also did the 12- cylinder FF model. GT2 and GT3 versions of the 458 Italia won titles in their categories at the recently held GT open Championship.USA was adjudged as Ferraris largest market with sales of over 1,354 units delivered to individuals there. 504 deliveries were made in UK which is a 37 percent increase as compared to last year.

Germany showcased growth of 9 percent with 504 cars being delivered thereby anointing it as the largest market in Europe for Ferrari. Greater china, Japan and Middle Eastern markets showcased tremendous growth with deliveries of 566, 214 and 274 units respectively.Brand related activities of Ferrari continued to grow considerably adding to popularity of this barnd with youngsters, as well as, the older generation.


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