Both Force India drivers finish in points at 2013 Abu Dhabi F1 GP

Sahara_Force_IndiaThis one stop strategy by the Force India team which was also seen in the Indian GP, now gears up the team for the final races as it holds nine points and sixth place in championships. Paul and Adrian, both displayed steady driving techniques through the race, maintaining pace and taking care of their tyres.

Both drivers owed their success to a combined team effort where they all worked hard in the last couple of races. They had to contend with both Fernando and Lewis during the race but Fernando proved to be impossible as he was racing with fresher and softer tyres. Lewis proved to be easier to tackle as he was on mediums and hence it was possible to stay ahead. The duo now looks ahead with optimism as they hope to enhance their performance in the last 2 races of this season. At present the team stands in 6th place in the Constructors’ Championships with 77 points trailing behind McLaren-Mercedes with 18 points,