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Ford EcoSport launch goes public first: Infinity Mall, Mumbai

Back on 6th March, we had revealed that Ford India will be unveiling their all new EcoSport SUV across India via displaying the same at major shopping malls.

Well, the news is now officially confirmed by IAB. Ford EcoSport SUV production variant will be on display for the first time for public in India. You can witness the Ford EcoSport at Infinity Mall, Malad West, Mumbai from 15th to 17th March 2013. According to our reader, Riti Ray, Bangalore can also witness the EcoSport at Mantri Mall, Malleswaram from 28th-30th March. Ford India dealers across India have started calling/mailing interested buyers about the public unveiling of EcoSport. If you too have received a call/mail, please mention the same in the comments below.

Ford India had earlier showcased the EcoSport to public at shopping malls as a concept last year, after its unveiling at 2012 Delhi Auto Expo. But this time, the EcoSport will be in the production ready guise and interested buyers will be able to get a first hand experience. Ford India had stated last year that the EcoSport will be launched in India by early 2013, and earlier this year they mentioned that they were on schedule with the launch of EcoSport.

Ford India is well aware of the buzz that surrounds their EcoSport SUV. Though, they are trying a new way of promoting their EcoSport, buyers are now getting anxious with delay in launch. There is no official word from the American car maker about the launch date of EcoSport. All buyers can do is speculate on media reports, which now suggest, that EcoSport launch might be postponed to as late as June 2013. Meanwhile, if you want to drive the EcoSport, before it is officially launched, here is your chance.

PS: If this move from Ford India to give the EcoSport to the public first, reminds you of Kamal Hasan trying to premiere his movie Vishwaroopam on TV first, you are not alone. But also note that the strategy worked for Kamal Hasan. We hope the same for Ford India.


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