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Ford sells 2.2 million cars in the US: EcoSport with EcoBoost spied in Denver


Ford America reveals their sales figures for the year 2012. India bound EcoSport with EcoBoost was also spied in the US.

EcoSport with EcoBoost spied in DenverFord has revealed that in the US markets, for 2012, they have sold 2.2 million cars. This is the second consecutive time that Ford has managed to maintain its sales record for US markets. Apart from this success story, the Ford Focus has been showcased as the world’s best selling nameplate, while the Ford Fiesta holds title for the best selling B-car. As per figures through September 2012, global registrations for Focus and Fiesta models were 737,856 and 560,061 units respectively.

Fords EcoBoost engines have helped to bolster the brands image globally with many individuals opting for these rides as opposed to models from other brands. Focus and Fiesta models are at the helm of Fords ‘One Ford Plan’ as they have attracted customers globally due to their superior performance and improved fuel ratings.

The F series from Ford is also being appreciated by customer world over due to inclusion of a powerful 3.5L engine that powers them. New Ford Fiesta models will be infused with a new 1.0L 3-cylinder engine set to be launched late next year for US markets. At a Denver Motel, the India bound Ford EcoSport was spotted. Ford has stated that the EcoSport will not be launched in the US.


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