Futuristic bus transport system planned for China launch later this year

This futuristic bus transport system called the Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) debuted as a concept in China back in 2010. Six years later, a working scale model of the system was showcased at the recently concluded Beijing High-Tech Show with an announcement that it is set to be launched in the country later this year.

The innovative mass rapid transit system is claimed to accommodate 1,400 passengers, roughly the combined capacity of 40 busses. Its brilliance lies in the fact that while it traverses via rails over the existing road network, it allows cars to pass underneath it.

So, it effectively occupies almost zero real estate thereby reducing the cost and traffic congestion significantly. The TEB is pitched as a much cheaper and more efficient alternative to the subway (metro).

It is claimed to be 5 times cheaper than the subway since it uses existing real estate and the construction is far simpler. The TEB runs on electricity that is supplied through rails (embedded on the either side of the roads).

The futuristic bus transport system is expected to be launched in China later this year. Several over populated metros across the globe will be closely monitoring the effectiveness of the project so that they can follow suit.