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Goa Tourism partners with Force Gurkha Rainforest Challenge (RFC) India 2014

RFC Malaysia 2013

Force Gurkha Rainforest Challenge (RFC) India 2014 is India’s first ever international level off-road motorsport event. Chiefly to encourage motorsport activities in the country, Government of Goa has come forward lending support to RFC 2014 via Goa Tourism taking care as tourism partner.

RFC Malaysia 2013Indian episode of RFC 2014 is an offshoot of Malaysia’s Rainforest Challenge, which is one of most significant and tough to break motorsport challenges in the world. Thus far, seven editions were held across the globe and India is now eighth in international chapters of RFC. About 40 teams from within and outside the nation are expected to take part and throw mud at Goa between 8th and 14th August 2014.

Launch edition of Force Gurkha Rainforest Challenge will also see hundreds of off-road enthusiasts from major off-road clubs of India as well as a huge number of touring adventurers. Having hosted international events like Goa Fest and India Bike Week, the state now welcomes slurry lovers in monsoon season. This is taken as an opportunity by Goa Tourism to promote the place as a hotspot for adventure tourism.

It is delightful and thrilling at the same time to imagine racers steering into tough terrains in blinding rains past wild insects and creatures. The course of race is designed away from protected forest territory and wildlife sanctuaries, on a union of private and government land, to make sure the fun of racing doesn’t affect flora and fauna of Goa that makes the place unique and important. To celebrate nature’s bounty, an ‘Environmental Award’ is planned for the individual or team that displays utmost care and attention towards preservation of environment.


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