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Google Search and Navigation are most popular with smartphone drivers

Apple CarPlay

Google Search and Google Navigation are 2 apps most used when driving in US and Western Europe as per a Strategy Analytics survey. The Automotive Consumer Insights (ACI) report “The Connected Car: Consumer Interest and Current User Experience” reveals 48% smartphone owners in the US use apps while driving. The number is 37% in Europe and 78% in China.

Apple CarPlaySmartphone users in US and Western Europe also tend to eb active on Facebook while driving. Us drivers tend to access Pandora, while in China, QQ, WeChat, and Sina Weibo are accessed.

“Drivers are frequently accessing these services, with search, navigation, and parking finder apps in particular, providing tangible benefits to driving,” commented Chris Schreiner, Director of Strategy Analytics Automotive Consumer Insights. “Consumers tell us they want to access these apps through the in-vehicle controls to minimize driver distraction, but current connected car implementations leave much to be desired.”

Kevin Nolan, Vice President of Strategy Analytics UX Innovation Practice added “Apple CarPlay and Google’s Open Automotive Alliance have the potential to provide better access to a wider variety of apps, but implementation issues may hinder the overall user experience of those solutions.”


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