Government of India sanctions local manufacture of ATVs

Government of India sanctions local manufacture of ATVs

Leading ATV manufacturers are a relieved lot as the Indian Government is in the process to give the go ahead for local manufacture. All Terrain Vehicles, which as on date are either imported or only assembled in the country entails an import duty of 100% thus making them very highly priced.

This proposal for local manufacture of All Terrain Vehicles has been approved by Highway Minister, Oscar Fernandes, who now seeks the approval of various stakeholders. The proposal outlines various safety norms to be followed and emission limits to be maintained.

Government of India sanctions local manufacture of ATVsATVs basically used for adventure sports and by border security forces in the country are manufactured by automakers such as Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha. ATVs are a big hit in global markets and are yet to make their mark in India, primarily due to their high pricing.

New Delhi based Polaris India Pvt. Ltd is the first company to sell ATVs in India. The company has sold a total of 700 vehicles since January 2012 and has received overwhelming response from Gujarat Police and Costal Police. Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha are also scheduled to bring their ATVs to India once the new policy comes into effect. The new policy will also see current prices of INR 7-30 lakhs come down significantly after these ATVs are locally manufactured. (via)


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