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Hawker Hunter Jet crashes on a busy highway – 11 confirmed dead

Hawker Hunter Jet crashes

11 people were killed and 14 injured when a Hunter Hawker fighter jet crashed into a line of cars on A27 in West Sussex yesterday.

A 1950s Hawker Hunter jet smashed into cars on the road leaving spectators at the Shoreham Airshow aghast and horrified. The incident left 11 dead and 14 injured while pilot Andy Hill is in a critical condition even as the police has stated that the death toll could rise. A few of those dead have been identified as Worthing United goalkeeper Matt Grimstone, 23, midfielder Jacob Schilt 23 and personal trainer Matt Jones, 24.

Hawker Hunter T mark 7 fighter jet was being piloted by Andy Hill who flies for the British Airways and has also served with the RAF. The jet which appeared to have lost out of sky while performing looping-the-loops, smashed into a BMW 3 Series Coupe on the A27 highway and exploded into a ball of fire, emitting black smoke.

how air crash happened

DailyMail explains how it happened graphically.

Air Accidents Investigation Branch spokesman has confirmed that a team will be deployed to investigate the crash which according to eye witnesses occurred due to the fact that the plane was flying too low. Ailish Southall was on the A27 in West Sussex driving along with her two kids when she spotted the plane coming down towards them. She expected the Hawker Hunter jet to go back up which it did not and appeared to split into two.

Laura Raymond, a presenter at local Splash FM radio station also noted that one of the planes that took part in the display appeared to be flying too close to the ground before billowing into a ball of fire. The pilot attempted to do a loop but came down to close and was unable to complete the loop. The Hawker Hunter jet pulled to the right and hit the road before exploding leaving many dead, seriously injured and onlookers aghast and saddened by the sudden turn of events.


Investigators reveal that the death count could rise up to 11, and it could take years for the investigation to reveal exact cause of the incident. The incident has resulted in CAA – Civil Aviation Authority banning the manoeuvre loop-the-loops during air shows. They have also restricted the use of vintage jets during public shows.

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