The reason why drivers in China are scared to use high-beam

Car owners using light reflecting printed decals could however face fines due to risk to road safety.

Driving on the streets of China with high beam headlights could lead to a scary experience of sorts. Drivers in China have been using reflective ghost transfers on rear windows of their vehicles to deter other motorists from driving with high beam headlights.

These stickers include pictures of ghosts and ghouls, red-tongued scary figures and images of green eyed women with blood oozing out of their mouths.


Traffic cops in Jinan, Eastern Shandong have noted a large number of vehicles with these scary decals. These have primarily been used to deter motorists from using high beam headlights but pose some element of danger on the streets. An e-commerce site Taobao and a host of shops have been selling these scary rear window decals that instantly illuminate when the car behind is on high beam. These stickers are not very clear in the dark but light up when a bright light is shone on them.

These scary decals can be purchased from $3 to $ 18 on these sites but traffic police have issued a warning against its use. Police in Shandong have announced a fine of 100 yuan ($15) for drivers found to be using these decals.


The police in Beijing state that while it is not illegal to use these decals, the driver would have to bear the responsibility of any accident that may occur due to its use.