Honda BR-V Travelogue – A 3,000 km road trip with family

We take Honda's new 7 seater utility vehicle BR-V on a 3,000 km road trip.

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It was mid-June when my parents decided to take a trip to Ooty, Mysore and Bangalore. They wanted to fly to Bangalore, and continue to Mysore and Ooty by road. I was against the idea of flying since I wanted to drive on the beautiful NH4 till Bangalore. Later, my cousin and his parents also joined us for the road trip. With 7 people on board, an only one car – we needed another car.

After lot of thinking and discussion, we decided on approaching Honda and request their new BR-V diesel i-DTEC for the journey. Honda happily obliged. With a detailed itinerary finalised, bags loaded in the boot and hotel bookings in Bangalore, we left Pune on 27th June.

Day 1

We left Pune around 8.30 am, which is rather late keeping in mind office going morning traffic. On Day 1, we only had to cover a distance of approx 300 kms, since we were going to halt at our native place, Kolhapur. After around 30 kms from Pune, the other car had a flat tyre. Turned out, it was a glass piece, which had pierced the tyre. After 30 mins spent in mending the tyre, we were back on the road. The road till Satara proved to be ridden with an onslaught of diversions due to ongoing roadwork and construction of various flyovers. We reached Kolhapur at around 5 pm. After an early dinner, we called it a day.

Day 2

On Day 2, we had to cover around 500 kms to reach Bangalore. We started around 7 am and joined the NH4 in 20 mins. We joined the NH4 from the Karnataka side since my native is on the KA-MH border. Once on the NH4, progress was smooth. NH4 is so much better in Karnataka while also being light on the pocket since the toll fees are less compared to what we pay in Maharashtra. For breakfast, we took a detour to Belgaum city and had authentic dosa at a small cafe. The roads in KA are smooth as butter. You can easily cross speed limits without realizing. After a quick lunch stop at Davangere, and dealing with peak Bangalore traffic- we reached our hotel in Bangalore around 6 pm . Tired after the 500 km drive, we had dinner at a nearby restaurant, and retired for the night.

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