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Honda GEAR Concept is for the young, urban, Gen-Y lifestyles


At the 2013 Montreal Auto Show, Honda surprised everyone when they debuted the GEAR Concept, which is inspired by fixed-gear bicycles. Honda says, the GEAR Concept is practical, but fun.

2013 Montreal Auto Show sees Honda GEAR world debut (14)The reason Honda chose to debut the GEAR concept at the 2013 Montreal Auto Show, instead of the more popular 2013 Detroit Auto Show, is that smaller cars are more preferred by Canadian buyers.

GEAR Concept is actually a study on what the next subcompact car will look like and what it takes to attract buyers. Detroit Auto Show saw debut of the Honda Urban SUV Concept, while GEAR is being targeted in a special market. GEAR Concept is not based on any other Honda platform. It is seen as a two door model, smaller than the Honda Fit and is being projected as an ideal vehicle specially for the younger and urban Gen-Y population.

This vehicle is seen as a fun model, principally inspired by fixed gear bicycles and is based on a simple and utilitarian concept. Thought officially debuted, the company failed to offer any information about the vehicle’s powertrain or if they even have any intentions to introduce a production model. For more information, scroll down.

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