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Hyundai Eon vs Maruti Alto 800: Trendsetter vs Follower, but who is who?

Maruti Alto 800 or Hyundai Eon, that was the question raised in a controversial marketing campaign launched by Hyundai Motors – Trendsetter V/s Follower. The company claims that EON is more powerful of the two, while Maruti Suzuki is also equally ecstatic of their newly launched Alto 800 small car, which has already received its fair share of attention.

Both these compact and reasonably priced cars are pitted against each other in the fight for dominance in the Indian auto market. EON from South Korean auto makers Hyundai is slated to receive some competition from Alto 800 which was recently launched by Maruti Suzuki for which the company has already received over 44,000 bookings in the first month of launch.

The recent advertisement campaign is quick to point out the positive aspects of EON, the company’s entry level vehicle which was launched in October 2011, over its new found rival. EON styling, space, safety, price and performance are all brought to the fore. EON and Alto both operate in the small car segment which has recently seen a dip in demand following high interest rates, rising fuel prices and an even higher inflationary situation in the country.

With the launch of EON, market share of Hyundai increased from 17% to 23.8% in the period April to October 2012 while Alto sales have been seeing a dip in demand. The new Alto 800 which was just launched however has certain advantages which are bound to make them more attractive to customers. For starters the Alto brand of Alto, Alto 800 and Alto K-10 possesses two power trains of 800cc and 1 liter. Maruti sold 135,590 units of this Alto (800 and K10) in the period April to October 2012 while only 46,956 units of EON were sold during the same period.

Though a reply is awaited from Maruti, numbers speak for them, and they usually dont indulge in fighting over the air.

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