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Hyundai Genesis goes driverless in new video

Hyundai Genesis goes driverless in new video

India bound, 2015 Hyundai Genesis new video called ‘The Empty Car Convoy’ has gone viral. Showcasing Hyundai’s driver assist features, this video shows 2015 Genesis sedans lined up on a empty road to demonstrate their adaptive advanced smart cruise control, auto emergency braking and lane assist system.

Hyundai promises ‘Smart Caring’ where customer satisfaction is concerned and in order to prove that, they have made the video above. The video starts with drivers on board a couple of new Genesis sedans, only to jump off turn by turn into a passing trailer, thus leaving the cars to fend for themselves.

Hyundai has filmed the actual product performance of 2015 Genesis with lead driver guiding the following cars in blind fold and enjoying the streams of Blue Danube. Quite and quick, the new sedan is capable of smooth and blotch free driving while continuous damping suspension controls body motion and roll. The cabin is virtually noiseless while there is ample room in its cabin with front seats that can be heated or cooled. It is the automatic emergency braking system that when travelling at high speeds and when the car ahead suddenly stops, full braking is immediately activated thus avoiding a collision.

Hyundai Genesis goes driverless in new video2015 Genesis also has blind spots and lane departure warning. A CO2 sensor automatically pumps fresh air into the cabin to prevent drowsiness while a panoramic sunroof bathes the cabin with sunlight. The Smart Trunk feature means that one just has to stand in front of the trunk with keys in pocket for a few moments before it opens.

Blue Link technology lends electronic sophistication while voice recognition control sends immediate intimation for help. Its smartphone linked feature allows drivers to find a car in a crowded parking lot while a state of the art infotainment system offers updates on stocks, sports, weather, movies and gas prices.


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