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Hyundai set to sell 152,000 revamped Santa Fe Fluidic SUVs on a global basis

Hyundai Motors have announced their intention of revamping the Santa Fe sports utility vehicles. The company has set a target to sell 152,000 units of Santa Fe SUV’s during the year despite the fact that there are a host of new highly exclusive foreign brands coming into the market.

Hyundai Santa Fe is a midsized crossover SUV based on the Hyundai Sonata platform. It is named after the New Mexican city of Santa Fe. In 2012 the 3rd generation Santa Fe will be available in two versions, regular and extended while in the 2013 model year the company will be introducing a Santa Fe with a longer wheel base.

Santa Fe is highly fuel efficient and offers 17 km per liter. The company is confident of its acceptability in the market. The third generation Santa Fe will receive its first upgrade in seven years. The first generation Santa Fe was introduced in 2001 while the second generation Hyundai Santa Fe was awarded the 2008 Consumer Reports Top Pick while it was also among top 10 vehicles for 2008 unveiled in the magazine’s issue.

Third generation Santa Fe will be introduced with Fluidic sculpture and bold likes giving the vehicle a more distinctive look as compared to its previous rather insipid design. Mr Kim Choong-ho, Chief Executive, Hyundai Motors said, “We are confident about positioning Santa Fe as premium model both at home and in the overseas markets. It boasts very competitive fuel mileage of 17 km per litre and a bold design.”

Hyundai has already received 15,000 pre-orders for the new Santa Fe Fluidic in its home country, South Korea. In all, Hyundai is targeting to sell 42,000 units of Santa Fe in Korea while the remaining 110,000 units in global markets. “High household debt and a slump in the real estate market could depress overall car demand in the domestic market but we hope the overall economic conditions will improve from May,” Mr Kim said.


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