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Hyundai Santro turned upside down by angry Elephant: African safari gone wrong

Hyundai Santro turned upside down by angry Elephant African safari gone wrong
Hyundai Santro, known as Atos in Africa, is a small car. At the Kruger National Park in South Africa, Hyundai Santro is offered to visitors for taking a trip around the park. But when this small car comes up against an elephant, one can take the help of movies and imagine what is to happen of the small car. The Hyundai Santro here strayed onto the path of an elephant on rampage, and was turned upside down with the tourists trapped inside.

Newly engaged British tourists, Chris Hare and Helen Jennings were on an African safari holiday when they got to view an angry elephant up-close. The massive bull elephant suddenly emerged from the bushes, and rammed into their car, literally skewered it with his powerful tusks and tossed it upside down into the bushes at South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

After this attack and mayhem, the 40 year old couple escaped with few minor injuries. Speaking of the turn of events while they were comfortable cruising along the National Park roads, Mr Hare stated that he suddenly turned a bend and found this huge elephant emerging from the bushes and coming towards them, pushing his tusk into the passenger door and literally overturning the Hyundai Santro in one single jerk of his powerful head. It was literally a calm ‘after’ the storm in this case as the bull elephant calmly walked away after charging at the vehicle, lifting it with its tusk and dropping it on its roof.

According to experts, the elephant here felt threatened when he saw the fast approaching car. It is not advisable to accelerate once you see an animal on a safari, especially when the animal is huge. They feel threatened to anything oncoming. Tourists should keep their calm and maintain steady speeds if they see an animal in their path.

Source: DailyMail

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