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Jaguar Land Rover best ever Q1 and March sales in 2013

Jaguar Land Rover saw a 28% increase in sales during the month of March 2013. The company sold 53,772 units during the month, while Q1 sales totaled 115,504 units. Monthly sales increase 16% while quarterly sales saw a 17% increase over previous year’s figures for the same periods. Jaguar Land Rover experienced record sales not only in India but also in UK where their sales were up 14% in the month of March 2013. Sales during the month totaled 17,784 units while Jaguar sales in UK were up 21%. Land Rover sales totaled 14,268 units in UK, up 12% over same period in previous year.

Sales in China reached the 8,487 mark in March 2013, up 22%. Jaguar sold a total of 1,592 units while Land Rover sold 6,895 units in the country. North American sales were equally noteworthy for the month of March 2013 with sales reaching 6,453 units, up 7% as compared to sales in March 2012. Jaguar Land Rover also reported strong sales across Europe, Brazil, Korea, Middle East, China and North America.

India’s annual car sales have seen a fall for the first time in 10 years. Sales declined to the tune of 6.69% in 2012-13 following slowing economy, dip in disposable incomes and higher interest rates and inflation. All these factors, however, did not have any effect of Jaguar Land Rover, which recorded their best monthly record in March 2013. JLW recorded 28% sales growth for March 2013 when compared to last year’s march sales.

Phil Popham, Group Sales Operations Director for Jaguar Land Rover said: “Jaguar Land Rover has had a record breaking start to the year reflecting the continued interest in our two great brands and our commitment to delivering desirable products that resonate with customers across the globe.” He added, “Jaguar Land Rover is seeing continued year on year growth following the introduction of new models, engines and drivetrains with the Jaguar XF Sportbrake, new Range Rover and Range Rover Evoque amongst our top selling models.”


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