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Update: Jaguar vs. Chicken parody, See, it’s just like a Mercedes (videos)

Update: Mercedes-Benz has replied to Jaguar’s Chicken parody video with an image. The message is clear, ‘Because cat-like reflexes aren’t fast enough. The Pre-safe brake. MB says, Jaguar is proud of their cat-like reflexes. Intelligent Drive helps ensure they can stay that way.

As part of Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive, MAGIC BODY CONTROL ensures optimum driving comfort. New Mercedes S-Class comes with this active suspension feature that works on making your drive smooth even on bad roads.

Leaning heavily on that idea, or not, Jaguar has now presented their Youtube feature that hammers Mercedes-Benz’ MAGIC BODY CONTROL TV commercial. The chicken sawing to music in the best possible chicken dance features in both videos. Jaguar puts the chicken in the hands of a scientist with awkward dance moves trying his best to move to the beat.

The only spoken words are to the point, and the message is clear in Jaguar vs. Chicken. See, it’s just like a Mercedes. Quite logically, if you entice a Jaguar with a chicken, it will meet it’s end in one big bite, and what’s left is a tuft of chicken feather, and a satisfied Jaguar. That’s what you see when in Jaguar’s chicken parody video when the music stops. The message, Magic Body Control? We prefer cat-like reflexes, don’t you?

Last week, Jaguar released their take on viral cat videos that works hand in hand with the company’s ‘Unwrap a Jag’ December sales event. Taking on a chicken is this weeks agenda keeping in mind their viral potential on YouTube. The video features great music and even better choreography, and you now know that if a chicken is moved to the beat of music, their body moves but their head remains in place.

With 7,222,830 views on YouTube in less than 3 months, Mercedes-Benz has literally laid a golden egg. Jaguar USA loved it so much, that that they now offer fans of the video an alternate, Jaguar, point of view. Jaguar says, “With the launch of the 550-hp Jaguar XJR high-performance sedan, we are especially proud of our flagship model’s dynamic performance and handling.”

No doubt the luxury automotive landscape today is a jungle, and while chickens have great dance moves, Jaguar is a sharp toothed, agile predator. Watch the parody video here and see what happens to the chicken in our version when the music stops.

Mercedes-Benz TV: MAGIC BODY CONTROL TV commercial ‘chicken’


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