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kode9, kode7 Clubman and Exclusive, and Yanmar Y-Concept YT01 Advanced Tractor 5 display at Tokyo Motor Show

Also occupying a lead role on stage are the ‘kode7 Exclusive’, which is a hand-built, open-top sports car and the robot-like Yanmar Concept Advanced Tractor.

In keeping with our theme for a more fulfilling and stylish ‘adult car lifestyle,’ we will also be exhibiting the company’s latest furniture, tableware and eyewear, as well as limited edition wristwatches and bags created from a collaboration with TAG Heuer.


kode9 Part race car, part sports car, the kode9 is a concept that employs stunning but simple proportions and a driving experience to rival some of today’s greatest sports cars. “This is my message to today’s car industry which seems stuck in a rut of overly complicated lines and styling based on the lowest-common-denominator,” says Okuyama.

This street-legal clubman racer incorporates the central section of a hydro-aluminum chassis, but with front and rear chassis sections specially designed and unique to this car. in-house developed wet carbon components, manufacturing technology using the latest 3D printers, Yamazaki Mazak’s precision CNC cutting technology and the latest aerodynamic trends in a package that tips the scales at just 890 kgs.

Powered by a Japan-sourced 2.0-litre, 4-cylinder engine with HKS supercharger, the kode9 generates an impressive 370 hp. All suspension components are unique to this coupe together with its fully djustable suspension setup. And with specially fitted 4-pot Akebono brake calipers, the kode9 guarantees unlimited fun behind the wheel.

kode7 Clubman 4 Created to enjoy track day events and sports driving, the kode7 Clubman is a simplified version of the kode7 that has been further lightened to optimize on-road dynamics. Priced from a more reasonable 8.5 million yen for the base 1.6-liter model, the Clubman employs a movable front cowl and retractable headlights while doing away with driver comforts to enhance its behind the wheel thrills. To achieve its driver-focused goal of creating a lightweight, attractively priced roadster, some 50% of the parts used in its construction were humed from the latest 3D printer. The model on display is powered by a 250 hp 1.6 litre 4-cylinder engine.

kode7 Exclusive Inheriting the basic architecture of the ‘k.o7’ sports car which debuted at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show, the revised and newly named ‘kode7 Exclusive’ is a hand-built, open-top sports car that can be modified to the specifications of each owner. Boasting short front and rear overhangs, the coupe incorporates lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber bodywork. With its modern, timeless silhouette and sharp, sporty overtones, the kode7 delivers motorcycle-like handling and performance from a 230 hp 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine. The kode7 Exclusive may be ordered at a price starting from 25 million yen.

Yanmar Y-Concept YT01 Advanced Tractor 5, As part of its Carrozzeria activities, Ken Okuyama Design has teamed up with Yanmar to create the Advanced Tractor. In addition to its industry-leading stylized design, this tractor boasts superb all-around visibility, while delivering operators a comfortable, yet sturdy construction that can work safely for long hours in the fields. It also incorporates an advanced GPS satnav system that will eventually enable it to work autonomously thus improving yields.

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