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KTM Duke 390 totalled: Riding dangers lurking on Indian roads

This isn’t limited to just KTM Duke 390 owners but an entire young populace in India who now have access to bigger and faster two wheelers.

A regular update on this Facebook page caught our attention. It reads as follows: “Riders Please Pay Attention: Want to address the people who know the owners of the Duke 390 and want to ask them about the test ride or small ride. This bike looks tiny but it has huge amount of power.(3 times more powerful than Pulsar 150 and about twice powerful then Pulsar 220. This is not every second bike that you ride everyday, it can be properly scary if you have no idea what are you up to. If a person or even I show you the bike then Pl don’t not think that you can handle it perfectly. The weight to power ratio of the Duke 390 is much high. If you ever get the bike and have no idea of handling the 44 bhp, then I request you please don’t open the throttle to full, just enjoy the ride. Please wear the Safety Gears b4 u Ride.”

While it is still unclear who totalled this bike, we earnestly hope the rider is safe. This is one nasty crash that sees the bike’s distorted front hang by a loose thread with the alloy prongs having actually broken away from the rim. On that note, it would be great if KTM Orange Days didn’t only revolve around bike owners riding at a designated safe area with some of the company’s recognised riders. KTM events should be held for those who are keen on buying Duke’s to let them have enough practice in handling and riding before actually getting on the road. While the company’s Facebook page reads ‘KTM – Ready to Race India’, the answer now just could be maybe not.

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