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LaFerrari XX in the making: Officially confirmed

Ferrari working on LaFerrari XX, based on LaFerrari
LaFerrari is the most powerful and fastest production Ferrari ever built.

Ferrari is working on a track only version of LaFerrari hybrid sports car for their most exclusive customers. Just like the FXX, which was based on the Enzo, the then fastest Ferrari, the LaFerrari XX will be based on the LaFerrari, which is the fastest and most powerful Ferrari ever to enter production.

Ferrari working on LaFerrari XX, based on LaFerrariThe news was confirmed by Antonello Coletta, head of Ferrariā€™s Sporting Activity Department. He was in Australia recently, where he revealed this information. He also said that the car will come out in the month of January or February next year.

The first question that many would have thought of, is will the LaFerrari XX be more powerful than the LaFerrari? Not really. Considering that the LaFerrari itself produces 963 PS and 900 Nm torque, LaFerrari XX will deliver almost the same power and torque, but being a track only sportscar, it will be tuned for better performance in such a scenario. Coletta said that the power delivery will be more or less the same, but handling will be totally different.

When asked whether the car spotted on test recently, which featured larger wings on the front and rear along with an air-intake on the roof, was the LaFerrari XX itself? Coletta said no, it was not the LaFerrari XX nor it was a test mule for the future Ferrari car, it was just a laboratory prototype used to improve their knowledge.

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