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Lamborghini announces Huracan for Italy State Police

Huracan is the latest Lamborghini sports car which was unveiled at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show earlier in March this year. By the time 2014 Beijing Motor Show took place in April, Lamborghini revealed that they had received over 1,500 bookings for Huracan!

Huracan replaces the Gallardo, Lamborghini’s best selling car till date. And the rate at which Huracan bookings are being recorded, it will surely replace the Gallardo from that title.

Powered by 5.2l V10, Huracan has a top speed of 202 mph (over 325 kmph), this makes it a perfect car for the cops to keep notorious speedsters on Italian highways in check. The car was donated to the Italian State Police head, Prefect Alessandro Pansa by Lamborghini’s CEO – Stephan Winkelmann in a ceremony at ‘Museo delle Auto Storiche della Polizia di Stato’ in Rome.

Lamborghini Gallardo was earlier donated to Italian State Police back in 2004, which was replaced by the second generation Gallardo in 2008. This is still in use by Italian police, and will be replaced once Huracan is commissioned into service by the end of this year. The Lamborghini Gallardo in service with Italian police has already clocked over 250,000 kms till date.

Speaking on the occasion, Lamborghini CEO said, ‘We have a strong and fitting relationship with the Italian State Police. The new Lamborghini Huracán stands for Italian super sports car excellence and we are proud to provide it to the Italian State Police to carry out the specialist tasks these police cars undertake.’

‘Today is an important day, since two Italian excellences meet and strengthen their relationship which started in 2004 with the handing over of the Lamborghini Gallardo to the Italian State Police. In the last ten years, the Italian State Police used the car for prevention purposes and in order to enhance street security,’ said the Head of the Italian State Police, Prefect Alessandro Pansa.

So how different is this Huracan from the normal Huracan? Well there are no changes made under the hood. Changes made include a high tech video system which will start recording document evidence of any transgression, radio transmission, GPS, gun holster, removable screen, refrigerated luggage compartment in the front (for use of transportation of donor organs in case of emergency), life-saving defibrillator, aerodynamically optimized police beacon with LEDs, and four sirens in the front and rear.

Speaking about the intelligent data transfer system, Lamborghini says, “Using radio data transmission, the video system in the Huracán Polizia transfers its images in real time to the relevant police station. There, the videos are stored and used for automatic number plate retrieval. This information can be used for immediate identification of stolen vehicles.”

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