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Los Angeles Design Challenge 2012 sees Mercedes Benz G Class future as Ener-G-Force


Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge has prompted participation from auto manufacturers to envision cars of the future with more autonomy and alternative fuels being used. A design study from Mercedes Benz reveals how genes from classic 1979 off roaders could find themselves in the cars of the future and is based on the concept of a future police car being developed for the challenge.

Cars for Highway Patrol vehicle 2025 need to be geared to meet with increased traffic on roads, need to be electronically monitored and capable of reaching any possible place quicker and more efficiently. Future times will call for more effective police vehicle and this is what is being projected in these designs.

Cars with enhanced green features, better off road capabilities and environmentally friendly cars are being projected as police cars in 2025. Ener-G-Force is the vision of this off roader which will carry forward the genes of Mercedes Benz G Class. The vehicle will possess emergency lights integrated in its roof ensuring easy recognition.



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